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Genie from Disney movie Aladdin (1994)

Genie from Disney movie Aladdin (1994)  

1 This American actor, who died last week, gave his voice for the Genie in Disney’s 1994 animated movie, Aladdin. Name him.

2 The Bridge of No Return is a bridge where prisoners were brought to and asked to choose between staying back and crossing over to the next country, and never return. Which two countries does the bridge connect?

3 Dhyan Chand is a sports personality, who is often referred to as “The Wizard”. Which sport did he play?

4 She is the first person to have survived a trip over the Niagara Falls in a barrel. She achieved this feat when she was 63! Name her.

5 This infectious disease is spread by mosquitoes and is common in the tropical and subtropical regions around the equator. What disease is this?

6 This computer built by IBM was a master at chess, having beaten chess champion Garry Kasparov twice. Name it.

Solutions: 1. Robin Williams; 2. North Korea and South Korea. The bridge was used for prisoner exchanges during the Korean War; 3. Hockey. Dhyan Chand captained the Indian team and won the gold medal in the 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympics; 4. Annie Edson Taylor. She did the stunt on October 24, 1901, her 63rd birthday; 5. Malaria 6. Deep Blue

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