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Dance to the beat: Zumba, the fun fitness formula. Photo: B. Jothi Ramalingam  

Fitness formula for fun

Here’s a fun way to learn your alphabets. Dance! Sounds impossible? No, it is not. Kids from across Chennai did just that on September 6.

There was fun and laughter at the Zumba and Bokwa workshops as young dancers bounced and swayed to funky tunes. This is just the beginning to a fun filled much awaited celebration of The Hindu Young World’s 25 years. It was held in five centres — The Savera and O2 fitness studio in Mogappair, Nungambakkam, Ashok Nagar, Mylapore and Besant Nagar.

Senthil Kumaran, Zumba instructor and Bokwa master trainer and his team conducted the high energy 90-minute sessions. Children had a whale of a time as they jived, did the cha-cha-cha and dale-dale.

“Zumba is more funky and relaxed as kids can join in anywhere during the session. Fast-paced, it is equally relaxing,” says Senthil. “Bokwa, on the other hand, demands tremendous focus and concentration. Participants have to keep track of their moves as well as what the instructor signals.”

It was obvious that the high powered workout did a world of good, as at the end of the session the young dancers were full of enthusiasm and energy. This was one Sunday that they would not be slouching around the house bored and listless.

It was also a time to relearn their alphabets as they danced, bounced and kicked forming letters C and L. Obviously, O was the most popular alphabet routine as they moved in a circle waving their hands and shouting 1,2,3,4 and 5 before kicking their legs up and bouncing! But it was Supaman that got them zooming off!

Participants were rearing to go and could hardly wait for the next event — Cooking!


The participants received certificates and goodies. The gift partner was Soulfull and the hospitality partners were Savera and O2 fitness studio.

Photos: B. Jothi Ramalingam and M. Vedhan.

Quick quotes

I loved every minute of the workshop. I am so excited that I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. What made my Sunday all the more enjoyable was that not only did I get to learn Zumba and Bokwa, I also got to do it with my four-year-old sister Lacksheta. It was a lot of fun dancing to such energetic music.

MADHULIKA. R, IV, Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School

The session was fun and at the end of it, I didn’t feel one bit tired. In fact, it was so much fun that it didn’t feel like a workout at all.

SATHVIKA, VII, Velammal Vidyalaya

I had heard of Zumba before and not of Bokwa which is what got me interested in the workshop. It was a totally different Sunday. I loved it.

KUSH M. SHAH, VII, Sherwood Hall Senior Secondary School

I had never heard about either of the two routines before and was excited about attending the workshop. I learnt a lot about Zumba and Bokwa and I’m extremely happy. The best part about Bokwa was the Supaman move as we had to imitate Superman’s pose.

MITHILESH R., VII, St. John’s School

This is one Sunday I will remember for a long time. I preferred Bokwa to Zumba as it had moves and characters that I could relate to. If another workshop is organised, I’ll sign up for it in a jiffy.

GIRISHA. S, IV, D.A.V. Gopalapuram

I felt great at the end of the workshop. It was an extremely well spent 90 minutes and I was completely refreshed at the end of it. I loved Zumba more than Bokwa. It was definitely worth getting up early on a Sunday morning.




Oh! Snap!

Jaiwanth Karthi was ecstatic. He had received a compliment from The Hindu’s chief photo editor, V.V. Krishnan, for having clicked a picture of leaves against the sky. It had come out really well. The enthusiasm at the photography workshop was evident as children vied for the attention of Mr. Krishnan. The event held on September 6 was part of many that were lined up for the celebration of Young World’s 25th year.

Mr. Krishnan, while admitting that he had never taught kids of this age group, said that he was pleased to see the zeal shown by them. “They seem really keen to learn and understand the nuances of photography. What I’m teaching them is quite simple.” He added that for kids this age, it was all about going “k-chik” with their camera and that’s how they learn.

The children were asked to bring their own cameras. The participants were given a demonstration of how good pictures can be taken by changing the settings in their camera, and how to hold the camera. After learning the basics of taking a good picture, they were taken around The Hindu premises to experiment with shots, exposure and colours.

Prasathi Bala, one of the participants said, “I find Young World interesting. We wait for it every Friday in school. It is such a relaxing read.” She was disappointed to know that there are so many workshops and events lined up and she would have to find the time to participate in them all. “I would love to be a part of the celebrations, but it’s difficult to accommodate it along with school and other activities.”


Work for your dream picture

“Don’t take a picture. Go back to your studies. Read everything you like, observe things around you. Make a print in your mind and then take out your camera and shoot. You will surprise yourself,” I said to the participants the photography in Hyderabad.

With a brief introduction on how one should go about taking pictures, enthusiastic children were taken to Necklace Road to shoot their own pictures under the guidance of G. Ramakrishna, Nagara Gopal and me — the photography team of Hyderabad.

After an hour of shooting we were back at the office for a video presentation, lecture and poetry.

The video presentation was to show how photography has been embraced and embedded in our life. The video film also highlighted the views of great maestros like Henri Cartier Bresson, Raghu Rai and James Natchway.

And finally, the young photographers were enthused by the ever inspiring poetry of Rabindranath Tagore, “Where the mind is without Fear…”


Photos: G. Ramakrishna and Nagara Gopal

Lens view

Participants of the workshop in Bengaluru learnt the basic as well as got to use their cameras to better efficiency. Conducted at The Hindu office premises on September 6. K. Gopinath, retired Chief Photographer of The Hindu in Bengaluru was the resource person. There was an audio-visual presentation of award- winning photographs to give children an idea of colour, composition and balance. A field trip to Cubbon Park gave the budding photographers a chance to put to practice what they had learnt. Since the trend today is to take pictures at every opportunity especially with a smartphone, participants were taught to use it to their advantage. During the interactive session, Mr. Gopinath was able to clear many of their doubts and he reiterated his point that one does not need expensive equipment to take good pictures. It all depends on the photographer, timing and an eye for detail.


Photos: Bhagya Prakash

Participants received certificates and goodies from Soulfull, the gift sponsor.

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