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Story of two pots

One rainy day a village got flooded. All the houses in the village were floating on water. Now in the same water a copper pot and an earthen pot too were floating. The copper Pot noticed the earthen pot struggling in the water and said, “My dear friend you are so weak, I don’t think you can stay afloat for a long time. Come near me, I will protect you from the flood.” The Earthen Pot said, “My friend, I thank you for your kindness. But you are too strong and much more harder than me. If I come near you, I could be broken into pieces. And therefore I shall protect myself.” Saying this it moved to another direction to find a safer place. They both stayed safe as the rains stopped and water receeded.

Moral: Sometimes even stronger people can harm you. Take charge.

S.AKSHAY MAKARAAJ, VII D, R.G.M. Higher Secondary School, Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu

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