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Storm warning

The Sun is the ruler of the sky, so it was to the Sun that everyone complained.

“Your Majesty, please control the storm! He is playing havoc on the Earth in the form of a Super Cyclone! The people of the Earth speak ill of us and we will all earn a bad name if the Storm is allowed to continue his mischief!”

The Gentle Breeze said, “He won’t listen to anybody — not even to me, his own brother! He says ‘I am not just the Wind, not just the Storm! I am also the Hurricane, the Typhoon and the Super Cyclone!’ It is absolutely necessary to warn him.”

The White Cloud said “No, no; a mere warning will do no good! He must be locked up so that he can no longer visit the earth.”

The Sun, sitting on his throne, listened to everyone. When he was told of the damage that the Storm had caused on the Earth, he was sad. At last he said, “Very well, we will hold a meeting tomorrow and decide what should be done.”

The next day, at the meeting, the Comet leaned towards the Sun and said, “Your Majesty, you won’t believe what damage the Storm has done unless you see things with your own eyes! Only last year, he caused so much harm to the people of Odisha that he deserves to be punished.”

The Comet’s words touched all hearts. A decision was taken: the Storm would be kept under lock and key for all time to come.

The Moon, the sister of the Sun and Earth stood up and said, “We should not decide in such haste, Your Majesty! Let us first find out if there is a need for such storms on the Earth. I suggest, Your Majesty that a team of five be sent to the Earth. Let them present a report. We can come to a decision after that.”

It was then the summer season on the Earth.

A team of five representatives was chosen to visit the Earth: the Red Cloud, Mars, the North Star, the North Wind and the Black Meteorite.

While the team was still preparing for its visit, the summer came to an end on the Earth. The Monsoon came and went and then winter arrived. The representatives of the sky started on their tour of India. It was bitterly cold. The sky’s representatives visited every part of the country and studied the damage that the Storm had caused. It was tragic. Tears came to their eyes when they saw the destruction in coastal Odisha. Finally, they met in a mango orchard in Phulbani. A group of children were playing noisily. Just then, a dead branch of a mango tree fell. The children scattered and ran away in panic; but the youngest child was slow. The branch fell on his leg and broke it.

They returned with their report. The next day, another meeting was held. The team of representatives described what they had seen on the Earth and the incident at Phulbani. Most were of the opinion that the Storm had no reason to visit the Earth again.

The Sun looked at the Moon.

The Moon stood up. “We are about to do a grave injustice. Everyone has a right to freedom! But too much freedom is bad! If we declare that the Storm is not needed on the Earth and keep him in prison, that will be unfair! Remember, it is the Storm that sweeps the Earth clean after every summer. He removes all the dead branches, the waste wood, and the ruined houses. He is doing the people of the Earth a great service. It was because we kept the Storm in chains here that the dead branch fell on the child’s leg and broke it! For we know, such things may have happened elsewhere too. But that doesn’t mean we can allow the Storm to visit the Earth whenever he likes, in any season, and run wild! He has been given too much freedom! He must be given a warning — in future, he must control his wildness.”

Everyone agreed with the Moon. The Storm would be allowed to visit the Earth in summer. He would have to get rid of all that was unwanted. The people of the Earth would be happy. They would know when to expect the Storm’s visit and would take precautions.

The South Wind said to the Storm, “Brother, you must learn to protect your freedom, or others will take it away from you. Today, you were about to lose your freedom for ever. If you did, whose fault would it be?”

The Storm was silent.

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