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Mooli’s mischief

Do you have a best friend? A friend who is also a partner in everything you do...including mischief? This is a story of two friends Murali Krishnan aka Mooli and Supriya George aka Soups. They are are on a mission to win a prize on the website WAYOUTS (World’s As Yet Original Untried Tricks And Stunts). This is a sequel to Meddling Mooli and the Blue Legged Alien.

Mooli continues with his stunts, but only this time it is using toothpaste on his mother’s cake boards. He’s meddlesome, careless, and forgetful, but smart and his best friend Soups helps him with ideas gleaned from the books she has read.

Winning trick

Mooli has but one aim — to win an award but what he realises is that every untried trick and stunt comes with a cost. This time around his stunt results in almost ruining a cake his mother has baked for the Peace conference. To make matters worse further disaster awaits just before Soup’s mother’s dance performance. And if that’s not enough their next attempt just before Soup’s mother’s dance at the college causes enough chaos to bring the roof down.

However, in the midst of all this mayhem, there is another story being told. It is the story of Harsha — the school bully. Harsha is also on their case. Mooli decides he needs to be taught a lesson for troubling his best friend.

A rather fun story it is not only easy to read but also engaging. New words are learnt easily and the illustrations are eye-catching. The mischief and mayhem that Mooli and Soups create are funny and you cannot but help laugh. The main characters in the story are lively and brimming with new ideas. And as you reach the end of the book you wish that at least Mooli's enthusiasm wins him an award!

And you are left eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

MEDDLING MOOLI AND THE BULLY ON WHEELS by Asha Nehemiah, Puffin, Rs. 125

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