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Dear diary…

Diary entry of a girl, Reffie in the year 2050.

June 5.

Today was World Environment Day and we were to visit the environment museum. I woke up with great enthusiasm and was ready by 8 a.m. wearing my UV ray protection suit. My father was busy in the lab, doing some research on how to make a duplicate ozone layer!

Healon, my robotic servant gave me my breakfast. I took the tablets and gulped it. My grandpa had told me about the grand breakfasts they used to have — idli, dosa, bread, jam, chicken and so on. I have never had these as I take vitamin tablets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I took my oxygen cylinder, said goodbye to my mom and headed toward the taxi stand.

I boarded an air-taxi to my school. Our teacher has told us about the importance of Environment Day. “Forty years ago, on Environment Day, people used to do awareness campaigns on the importance of conserving the environment.”

At the Zoological Museum, we saw different kinds of animals such as cow, goat, cat, dog, rat and even crow! I have never seen them in my life.

At last we came to a special room where we could stay without oxygen cylinders and it was cool. In it stood a tree — one of the last that were saved. It was amazing.

“Trees were an integral part of our environment,” said our teacher. “It replenished oxygen that people used to breathe naturally in the olden days without an oxygen cylinder.”

It was a marvellous trip. On reaching home, I had a virtual chat with my aunt who was on a trip to the moon. My father has promised to take me to Mars next vacation if I score well in my next exam.

And for that, I have to go and study with my robotic tutor. That’s all for today. Good night.

Rashmi P., XII B, Bhavan’s Newsprint Vidyalaya, Kottayam

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