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Spells and troubles

Illustration: Sreejith R.Kumar

Illustration: Sreejith R.Kumar   | Photo Credit: sreejith r.kumar


The wicked witch was angry with the prince and princess!

Here is a folktale from Lebanon — officially known as the Lebanese Republic, situated in West Asia. It is bordered by Syria on its north and east, and Israel in the south. Because of its location, it is rich in history and diverse in culture and religions. The earliest evidence of civilisation dates back to more than 7,000 years, predating recorded history.

Long, long ago there lived a prince and princess in a big castle. The prince was brave, handsome and kind. The princess, like all princesses, was beautiful and goodhearted. They lived a happy life in their castle with their courtiers, taking care of their kingdom. The people of the land loved them.

However, a wicked witch stormed into the castle one day. She said to the prince and princess, “I hate you both. I hate your goodness, your love, your kindness… everything about you makes me angry. So, I am going to kill you.”


But, the prince, being a brave man, said, “No! I will kill you, and that will put an end to all the evil that is in the land.”

The prince rose up to kill the witch, but he had not taken into consideration her magical powers. Immediately, she summoned up all her magical powers and said, “I change you into a fox!”

Presto! The prince changed into a fox. The princess was dismayed and rushed to help the prince. But the witch was quick and once again, summoned her magic and cast a spell on the princess and transformed her into a frog. She was not done with the prince and princess. She took the fox, which was actually the prince, and the frog, which was the princess and locked them up in a tower.

The people of the town were unhappy with what had happened to their prince and princess. They asked the help of a fire breathing dragon. When the dragon heard their sad tale, he agreed to help them. He went up to the witch and before she knew what was happening, the dragon breathed fire on her. He did not stop till she had been burnt to ash.

Once the witch was burnt to ash, the spell that she had cast on the prince and princess was broken. They returned to the castle and lived happily ever after.


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