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S. Kulandaisamy 28 January 2016 13:11 IST
Updated: 23 September 2016 23:12 IST

Incorporate these six values in your life to make it a peaceful world

January 30 is Martyr’s Day. On this day, in 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

Remembering him on this occasion, let us explore his essential teaching of 'non-violence', and how it can be used in our day to day life.

Sixty eight years after his death, we continue to battle hatred in ourselves and those around us and also between nations. Let us try a way to bring peace to our world.


Here are some points we can try and adopt.

Reverence: It can be developed by holistic observation and realising that we are all equal. So the micro action is to listen attentively without any interruption to anyone who talks to us.

Dignity: It comes out of self-restraint. The micro actions are not to gossip, complain or blame anyone for what is happening around us.

Gentleness: Accept your mistakes and repent and promise not to do such a thing again.

Celebration: Accounting for our good thoughts, good words, good deeds and feel the joy of celebration. This actually enhances the measure and density of our goodness.

Humility: Try to be self-reliant. The best action is to labour by our own body and make a resolve to eat by our sweat.

Simplicity: Have complete faith in yourself as a peacemaker and equally in others. Be ready to let go of everything you possess because peace is more precious than worldly possessions.

So, let us get down to work on ourselves and evolve, so that the world we live in will be filled with peace and harmony.

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