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New role: Theresa May. Photo: Reuters  

1. Following the resignation of David Cameron, Theresa May took over as the second female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom last week. Who was the first?

2. True or False: The needle of a compass, a tool for finding direction, always points west.

3. In The Three Musketeers by Alexandra Dumas, along with Athos and Porthos, who was the third musketeer?

4. A radio-collared animal, in 1992, travelled from Alaska to Northern Greenland via the North Pole, covering about 5,700 km, in four months. What animal was this?

5. According to the WHO, 1.45 million deaths occur every year due to Hepatitis, a viral infection that causes the inflammation of the liver. When is World Hepatitis Day observed?

6. Glucose, fructose, comatose and galactose — which of these is not a type of sugar?


1. Margaret Thatcher; 2. False. The needle of a compass always points north; 3. Aramis; 4. Polar bear; 5. July 28; 6. Comatose is a state of being in a coma.

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