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Autobiography of a kite

I am a kite. I was made with red and purple colour papers . I was made by a famous kite-maker named Louis. He was a good kite-maker. His work never went wrong. He made many kites but I was one of the best. When I was ready, I was sent to a shop, where many kites were kept. I made many friends, but some of them were jealous of me. Many people came to buy kites, but I was all alone because I was very expensive. So, no one could afford to purchase me. But, one day a sweet boy came and bought me. I was very happy when I went to his house. It was a beautiful house. He kept me in his cupboard, where many other little things were kept.

One day he took me out to make me fly in the sky. I was a little afraid because I was going to fly for the first time. But, after sometime, I was enjoying it. I saw many other kites flying in the sky. They were also flying higher, but I thought that I was only the one who was flying on the top of the sky. I saw many birds. They had many very beautiful feathers, but I did know that the beautiful birds will only bring me to the end of my journey. After a while, I collided with one of the birds and was torn. At that moment, I hoped that next time no one should make me a kite.

Prerna Singh, VII C, Loretto Convent, Lucknow.

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