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I am constructing a house of 60' x 40' by demolishing an old house. I obtained sanction for demolishing the old house and constructing new house of 4 flats (three flats for my

three sons and one for me total: 4 flats of 950 sq.ft each approximately i.e., ground floor ground for car parking and 1/2 ground building first floor: 2 flats of 950 sq.ft each (approx). And second floor: 1/2 portion 950 sq.ft (approx). I have started construction and it will be

completed in 2 or 3 months. Now one of my sons wants to build the remaining portion in the 2nd floor. The building is built by a builder cost on a sq.ft basis and the builder says that it can be built. The building is in a 20 feet road. Now the builder says that the Corporation has approved plan for 4 flats and and car parking on the ground floor and they have granted permission for 6 kitchens and so he says that the flat in the second floor can be constructed and apply for regularization by paying relevant charges/fine.

Is this true? Please clarify.

K.V.Sainath, Chennai

If the remaining portion of the 2nd floor is built, it will be construed as a 3-floor structure, which requires approval for a “Special Building” and must be obtained from CMDA. In any case, you cannot exceed the maximum FSI of 1.5 even in the case of Special Buildings. As you have already constructed 3,800 SFT approximately, you have already reached the FSI limit. Also, being on a 20’ road you can build only upto 2 floors. For a 3 floor structure the minimum road width needs to be 9m (29.5’). Be aware that you run the risk of sealing/demolition if you deviate from the approved plans.

Last week, you have rightly clarified that for constructing two stories or less i.e. G+1 or S+2, and if the number of flats in the building is not more than six, then approval is done by the local Corporation and not by CMDA.

I am constructing a house with a partial construction on ground, full construction on 1st floor and partial construction on 2nd floor, which has been approved by the Corporation. The onstruction on the 2nd floor is only over the stilt area on ground. My query is, since there is partial construction on the ground and partial construction on the 2nd floor, will it be treated as three floors by TNEB/TANGEDCO for the purpose of affording electricity connection and insist for completion certificate from Local Body/CMDA?

Sanal Kumar K.P, Chennai

TNEB/TANGEDCO should only consider this as 2 constructed floors and you should not require a completion certificate for obtaining an electricity connection. The approved plan should be adequate.

I am on the lookout for a 3 BR flat. Builders offer 1850 sq. ft saleable area, 1530 plinth area and 430 sq. ft share of undivided land in a multi-storied complex. The FSI is high.

Are such approvals given by CMDA & other authorities? Is TDR applicable in Chennai? I would be glad to have your guidance in the matter.

K. Kalyanaraman, Chennai

UDS is typically calculated as follows: (Your flat’s built up area / Total built up area of the building) x Total land area excluding land used for common amenities, roads, etc. Without knowing the above details, it will be difficult for us to tell you if the FSI is high. In general, the maximum FSI for multi-storied buildings is 2.5. However, CMDA does provide the option of “premium FSI” where additional FSI of as much as 40 per cent more can be availed by paying a fee. But this will depend on other site conditions such as road widths etc. Typically TDR is available in Chennai for infrastructure projects like the Chennai Metro Rail.

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