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For the love of black and white

On its own, black is great. It conveys power, elegance and a contemporary feel. On its own, white is brilliant. It stands for purity, clarity and expansiveness. Together, the two are dynamite!

There’s something about the black and white combination that never goes out of style. The two colours come together to give any space a touch of glam, drama and a certain savoir faire. Add to that the fact that it’s a simple style to adopt and apply — your colours are chosen, you just need to plan around them.

In black and white. The colours go best with modern, contemporary and minimalistic settings. Begin with the walls. Those who dare can paint them all black; if not even one wall will do. Or else, explore wallpapers, murals and decals. Replace the bright red rug with a charcoal one. Pair black and white stripes with florals on the sofa. Set off a black leather armchair against white blinds. Stand a black coffee table on a plush white rug, place black candle stands on the sideboard and slip black accessories into your home office.

Feng shui rules. According to feng shui, black is mysterious and sophisticated, and exudes the energy of power and protection. It’s the colour of night, deep waters and universal void; the colour of Yin, or feminine energy in the Yin-Yang combination. Black is used to add depth, strength and definition to any space, but needs to be used sparingly as it is very powerful. White, the colour of purity and innocence, is associated with metal and is the colour of Ying, the masculine energy. The colour of beginnings, and clear endings, white has an energy that is clear and fresh. The colour inspires creativity and leadership, but has a low energy level and needs to be combined with other colours.

Add an accent. Unusual and creative accessories can ensure that the room doesn’t look too monochrome. Add accents, be it artwork, fabrics or artifacts — in colours of your choice. Almost all colours work well with the black and white combo.

If you’re looking to update your room for the festive season, add punches of gold, silver, copper or bronze. But don’t overdo the accents or you’ll kill the black and white aspect.

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