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For a good night’s sleep

The bedroom once had a fixed function: that of a sleep sanctuary. These days, like other areas of the home, it is a multi-purpose space. It can, by turns, don the character of a sleeping room, home office, lounge, hangout zone, crafts area and many others.

Your sleep fix, be it six hours or eight, is integral to a healthy life. Research shows that sleep helps improve memory, curbs inflammation, spurs creativity, improves attention, lowers stress and avoids depression. Sound sleep lets you focus and increases productivity. Sleep-deprived people fail to recall pleasant memories, but are good at recalling glum moments.

Isn’t it time you ensure that your bedroom is conducive to sleep?

Colour it right

A 2013 survey found a connection between bedroom paint colours and sleep quality. The study, by Travelodge, found those who slept in a blue room slept the longest (7 hours, 52 minutes) compared to those who rested in rooms painted with other hues. The worst colour for a bedroom? The royal purple (5 hours, 56 minutes). Colour choice may depend on personal viewpoints, but try and opt for a colour in the blue/green range of the colour wheel — they’re cooling and calming.

Light it down

Harsh, task lighting may be needed in the kitchen at all times, but there’s no need for it in the bedroom. Arrange for bright overhead lights near the closet and other areas, a special reading lamp by the bedside, but also consider investing in a dimmable light fixture that can create a soothing ambience as the night darkens. The dimmer it gets, the closer to sleep time you are.

Go device-free

There’s too much happening in a bedroom over the day, making it difficult for you to cut off and unwind at night. This may not be easy, but make your bedroom device-free and reap the relaxation benefits. Recent research has shown that light-emitting devices (be it a tablet, phone or other glow-in-the-dark reader that shines a blue light) in the hours before bedtime can adversely affect sleep, and overall health. Banish the TV too. This will ensure you don’t spend hours catching reruns and news updates.

Find the right fit

If your mattress and pillow are not right, you’ll be sure to sleep badly and wake up tired. The most important thing to consider while buying a mattress is comfort. The right mattress is one you lie in, not one you lie on or sink into. A good mattress will support your entire body and keep your spine in the same position as when you are standing in a good posture, say experts.

The perfect pillow should comfortably provide support to the head and neck, and shouldn’t deflate or lose fluffiness easily.

Cut the clutter

As the bedroom is the most personal space in the house, it overflows with photos, magazines and books, accessories, clothes and lots of other things. A bedroom high on clutter can never be favourable to sleep. Set things right by making your bed and delegating 10 minutes for a tidy-up every morning. A hamper for clothes, a small book rack, and bowls to corral your earrings and rings will help keep things in place.

Keep it comfortable

As the weather heats up, the bedroom may get too warm for comfort despite the fan. Install an AC to sleep through the nights. Stay away from microfibre bedding (the material can add heat) and opt for natural fibres.

Light cotton or linen bedding sets are perfect for summer.

If the bedroom is too bright in the morning, invest in blackout drapes. Kick outside noise to the curb by listening to a CD with relaxing sounds like a waterfall or sea.

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