Baroque moves from ramps to homes

Lavish living room, from Abu & Sandeep's book India Fantastique. Photo: Deidi Von Schaewen  

From Dolce and Gabbana to Chanel, Baroque has been a style that many fashion designers have dabbled in, experimented with, and made their own. Now, this symbol of royalty is making its way into home décor around the world. From statement couches to single antique pieces, Baroque is not as difficult to replicate as it may seem. A tapestry of luxurious fabric dipped in ornate colour, a touch of ceremonial sophistication, and voila!

First introduced during the reign of King Louis XIV in France, the Baroque era and style of furniture launched a language of grand opulence and dramatic approach to architecture and décor in the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre. The new style caught the fancy of many and was soon replicated. “This classical style combines grandeur and impressive style with a sense of power and grace, and any piece of Baroque furniture or décor element is an attention grabber,” says Smita Kapoor, Mumbai-based interior designer.

Inspired by ornate architecture from the 17th century, Baroque relies heavily on embellishment, with flower motifs in gold and bronze being very popular. Bold colours in rich fabric like velvet and silk, art-deco pieces, and crystal chandeliers — all make for a wonderful display in the Baroque style. Next time you’re at an antique store, look for items like lacquered boxes and porcelain cups, blue-and-white Delftware vases, or a carved armoire for an easy Baroque update to your room. You can also look at mirrors with gilded frames that reflect light in your room. Use gold filigree-style embroidery, curtains trimmed with ruffles of sheer chiffon, and wall paper with lush floral and cherub motifs.

No Baroque room is complete without chunky furniture, the Knole sofa with its high-cushioned arms that can be raised and lowered to form a daybed is a perfect addition. Furniture with curvy legs and intricate designs with gilding spell regal. While wooden and marble flooring is ideal, you can also get a European style rug, which will add warmth to the room.

Statement pieces are a must in a Baroque-styled room; it can be a beautiful chandelier with gold or brass fixtures or a stunning painting in gilded frame. Use lampshades made with luxurious fabrics to complement your upholstery and drapery.

While some may find the whole experience a bit overwhelming, it does offer the warmth and charm of a distant past that may come as a pleasant surprise. And hey, who says you can’t go over the top sometimes?

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