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The right tone

A majority of us tend to associate monochromatic spaces with being humdrum and dreary. But that’s far from the truth! Designed smartly and following the tone-on-tone principle can ensure that your space is sleek, stylish and something that not many colour-filled rooms are – calming.

Tone-on-tone décor

This colouring technique involves using one or two — preferably one — colours and using different saturations of that colour(s) across the space. Using the same colour in different hues — be it soft shades of blue, restful hues of green or soothing saturations of ivory — builds a calm and serene space. The best part is that this space can be dramatically transformed by using accents that are lighter or darker and in the same colour family.

Play with texture

Texture is an integral part of a tone-on-tone look. It gives the room a sense of touch-ability, a lived-in look. Without texture, the room may appear bland and boring. Be it an aged rocking chair, the mottled pigment on a chalky wall in the hallway or the scuffs on a leather couch, texture adds warmth and patina. So go ahead and bring in that shaggy rug or put up a rich tapestry on the wall.

Explore myriad patterns

When the colours are few, it’s important to create visual interest. Patterns and prints help you do that; they look good, add depth and give the eyes ample opportunities to roam around the room. Look for patterns in similar shades of colour and similar sizes to ensure that it goes with the nature of tone on tone. A 30-70 ratio — 30 per cent pattern against 70 per cent plains — works well if you’re looking to create a calm space. Any more and you run the risk of an overdose of visual interest.

Add some shine

A shiny metal lamp taking centre stage near the dining room. A collection of sparkling citrus and emerald green cut glasses grouped on a low table. An old trunk with shiny brass trim taking pride of place as the coffee table. A collection of copper-bottomed pans forming a décor element in the kitchen. There are plenty of ways in which you can introduce metal into a single-hued room to add warmth, shine and a hint of sparkle.

Woo wood stylishly

Wood can be your best friend if you like monochrome décor. Think how the Scandinavians have this style down pat and how important wood is in their scheme of things. Be it light wood or dark, new or old, in furniture or as rafters on the ceiling, wood can add a weathered patina to your space — this translates into a visually more appealing room.

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