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For a winter makeover

Winter’s in the air, and could there be a better season? The nip in the air puts you in mind of cosying up in a comfortable room.

Just like you get your winter clothes out and prep for the cold months ahead, your home too needs a winter makeover. We tell you how:

Look for inviting furniture

It’s common to go for ‘looks’ but remember that they’re only skin-deep. Look for furniture that’s great to sit on; if it looks good, that’s a bonus. Envisage if you can consider cosying up on the couch or sofa you’re eyeing on a lay Sunday afternoon.

Roll out the rugs

There’s nothing like putting your feet on a plush pile rug when you wake up in the morning. Put away the flat rugs and look for pieces that are shaggy and sinkable. Even if you’re not a rug fan, rolling out a woollen carpet in the room can add a cosy dimension.

Opt for warm colours

Pastels and light colours may hold sway during most of the year but the arrival of winter means you can bring out your warm coloured accents. Toasty browns, warm chocolates, fiery oranges, and passionate reds will make your spaces look inviting.

Use touchable elements

Be it the aged patina of a leather couch, the velvet upholstery of a standalone chair or the cuddly feel of a throw, texture plays an extremely important role in creating a cosy space. Look for items with a mix of textures; if they make you feel like touching them, you've won the battle.

Layer the bed

Nothing makes a bed look as appealing as layers – try piling up pillows, a comforter, duvet and a runner on a comfortable mattress. If you want to amp up the cosy factor, nothing works better than a canopy around the bed. Just block the world out.

Consider the lighting

The lighting of a space has a huge impact on the ambience. Opt for layered lighting instead of a single lighting fixture; this also lets you play with the shadows and effects. Invest in dimmers to create moods, and replace cool bulbs with warm ones.

Display your coverlets

Light blankets and shawls in the open invite you and guests to snuggle in when the temperature drops. Instead of letting them lie around, make them a part of the display by lining them up on a painted ladder.

Create an aroma

Warm and inviting smells such as nutmeg, cinnamon and orange peel create a rich ambience. The fragrance invites you to linger. Scented oils, candles or sprays will do the trick, but you can also bubble up spices in a pot for an aromatic ambience.

Add a few DIY touches

DIY enthusiasts can fashion wreaths or garlands out of pine cones, husks, dried seed pods and leaves – they send out the message that winter’s on its way.

Simple glass jars filled with dried chillies, vanilla pods, colourful dried beans or Cheerios work as instant décor updates.

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