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PERSONALISE YOUR HOME: Decide each room's look.

PERSONALISE YOUR HOME: Decide each room's look.  


Colour preferences in India are strongly based on geography, fashion and home architecture. The current trend is to mix tradition and innovation. Colour is a reflection of one’s state of mind. Currently the trend leans towards the eco-friendly look with new and creative ways to reuse, renew and recycle.

Colour is the most expressive and economical way of distinguishing and personalising your home. Graphic designs on walls along with personalised patterns inspired by cultural fusion and diverse tradition is the new way of personalising one’s home. It is very important to decide the look of a room. Wall hangings and other decorative items give an attractive look without much expense. For example, if the room is small follow these tips:

l Try to highlight one wall in the room by using a bold colour. This will attract everybody’s attention to that wall. Proper lighting will highlight a wall hanging (A large modern painting for a modern look or an antique wall hanging for a traditional look)

l Paint all electrical fittings, pipes and projections in the same colour as that of the wall. This will not only hide them but also give uncluttered and clean look

l Avoid dark colours on the ceiling if it is low. Proper lighting is very important to complete a look. Carefully choose spotlights to highlight a particular section in the room. For e.g. use a spotlight to focus on a painting on the dominant wall in the room. If you have used dark colours for walls then it is even more important to use proper lighting, otherwise the room will look very dark and dull at night.

l Always decide on a theme and try to relate everything in the room to it. This will create harmony and give a complete look. If your theme for the living room is Nature, use a shade of green for walls, decorate the main wall with paintings of natural scenes, use plants in the room corners, use wooden furniture, blue linen, curtains and flooring for a cool look and yellow for a warmer look

l Avoid use of too many contrasting colours in the same room. Also ensure that if one can see a section of another room then colours in both the rooms should be related.

The functionality of a room can be enhanced by room by selecting the right shade of paint. A warmer look to a living room and a relaxing feel to a bedroom can be given, while study room can be made energetic. One’s room displays its emotions.

The choice of colours signify one’s choice, personality, lifestyle and mood.

Emotional quotient

Blue: rejuvenates one’s mood, creates cool and calm effect. Recommended for bedrooms. Goes very well with greys, pinks and ocean greens.

White: signifies a sedate and classy person. It brings a welcoming and warm feeling. Recommended for living rooms as it blends with other colours

Yellow: signifies happiness. It is sparkling and energetic. Recommended for study and dining room. It goes very well with red and green.

Green: signifies calm and peace.Recommended for bedrooms. Looks best with pale yellow and Red

Pink: soft, soothing and feminine. Recommended for girls’ bedroom. Whites, beige and indigo go very well with pink.

Brown: signifies simplicity and makes one feel conformable. Light brown can be used for a living room. Works best when used with white and Red.

Red: Bold, creates enthusiasm. Can be used to highlight a particular section like exercising halls. Pastels, White, Yellow work well with Red.

Grey: gives a cool and neutral look. Recommended for living rooms. Works well with all bright tones

The writer is the Vice-President, Marketing & Sales (Decorative), Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

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