Greed and treachery

A scene from William Shakespeare's Macbeth staged by Nishumbita. Photo: G. Ramakrishna   | Photo Credit: G_RAMAKRISHNA

A simple set, detailed and well tailored costumes accompanied by simple yet appropriate make-up made Macbeth a spectacle of sorts when it was staged at Ravindra Bharati by Nishumbita theatre group. Directed by Rammohan Holagundi, Macbeth can safely be listed among the best plays to be staged by a local group this year.

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth opened with Macbeth and Banquo, two of the Scottish King Duncan’s generals returning from battle when they encounter three witches in the woods. Witches that they were, the three spelt nothing, but evil and brought out the cunning facets of witches to perfection. The shrill voices reflected the shrewdness in their souls and the actions portrayed greed for blood and evil. These three witches make a prophecy saying that Macbeth will become the Thane of Cawdor and then the King of Scotland. For Banquo, they predict that he will beget the line of Scottish Kings, though he will never become king himself. The two are sceptical and continue their journey home.

Just as they are closer to their camps, messengers greet them with a message from ‘King Duncan’ announcing that Macbeth has been made the Thane of Cawdor. This immediately puts the prophecy into perspective, making Macbeth wonder how he might become king. In all this Macbeth alone isn’t dreaming of the throne. Hungry for power, lady Macbeth has evil plans. What follows is a 105-minute tale of shrewd and cunning conspiracies and how a woman’s insane lust for power can drive a man to make mistakes.

Lady Macbeth’s entry on stage brings with it her anger, hatred, lust, greed and unpardonable discontentment for a husband who doesn’t want to take the king’s life. She taunts him about his courage and uses deceitful love to make him agree to her plans making her feel victorious and seeing the crown on her husband.

If lady Macbeth is shrewd and unpardonably cunning, Macbeth plays his role of a greedy confused general to perfection. Banquo aced as a wise general and the witches became a reality with the three playing their roles to perfection.

Considering the long winding Victorian dialogues, everyone delivered well. Even the young boys as messengers played their parts well.

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