Adigo Dwaraka: Epic distortion

A scene from 'Adigo Dwaraka'.Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam   | Photo Credit: C.V.Subrahmanyam

Mythology inherently offers a wide scope for interpretations and reinterpretations of its multiple characters and in the process even fictitious accounts are created and could acquire the shade of mythology. One such extraneous new strand formed the plot for mythological play ‘ Adigo Dwaraka’ which evoked mixed response at Kalabharati.

Chintakindi Srinivas scripted the plot revolving around Samba, the son of Lord Krishna and Jambavati from the epic Mahabharata. The theme is simple. Samba, a young hothead finds it hard to have social equality in the well-established royal practices in the fort of Dwaraka. Unable to stand this conceptual grievance, he attributes it to his tribal background and spares no effort to muster the support of those who are inimical to the rule of Yadava dynasty; finally they get killed in the fight at Prabhasa theertham.

Chintakindi has set up Samba and his mother Jambavati against their forest backdrop in the epic and cobbled it into a taut plot lending it a touch of struggle for social equality. The focal point of the narrative that the supposed maltreatment meted out to Samba by Satyabhama led him to scheme for the fall of Dwaraka is at variance with the original text of the epic. However the playwright chose to maintain the thrust on the life and works of Samba as a relentless struggle for social equality for its dramatic effect. In a bid to up the dramatic quotient of the plot, the narrative sought to portray Satyabhama as an intolerant mind that stoops to abysmal lows to have her go. The effort to elevate a character led to presenting another in a derisively poor light. In this process the treatment of the narrative left much to be desired in terms of the decency and decorum of characters. Dialogues in a more decent idiom might have avoided the jarring feel. Echoes of our contemporary scenarios in the epic remained unconvincing. A team of more than 20 artistes took part in the performance. Noted thespian S.K. Misro directed it.

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