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A scene from Macbeth by The Chorus Repertory Theatre  

Macbeth is the name of a disease, a dangerous epidemic. Unlimited desire, greed, and violence are some of the symptoms of this disease. These symptoms are not easily diagnosed as they aren’t seen on the surface but are born inside polluted and corrupted minds. The disease has evolved through a hidden agenda that is dangerous, complex and full of instigation and conspiracy. When it finally erupts, the violence destroys mankind. The eradication measures taken up against this dangerous disease through literature, arts, science, and religion have failed to reach inside the mind from where the disease originates. Macbeth is the ugliest version of the human species in the world today.

Group: Chorus Repertory Theatre, Imphal

Director: Ratan Thiyam

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Language: Manipuri

Time: 105 minutes (no interval)

Rating: For mature audiences

The group:

The Chorus Repertory Theatre was established in Manipur, the state encircled by nine folds of hills in the easternmost part of India, in April 1976 under the able and dynamic guidance of Ratan Thiyam. Located on the outskirts of Imphal, Manipur’s capital city, Chorus Repertory Theatre’s two acre campus has been slowly built (and six times rebuilt after disastrous monsoons) to accommodate a self-sufficient way of life with housing and working quarters for the company. It is now an important regional and national centre for contemporary theatre. To celebrate 25 years of existence, the company announced its first permanent theater called The Shrine, a 200-seat auditorium conceived and designed by Ratan Thiyam with space for set construction and storage.

Thiyam’s 1984 Chakravyuha (The Wheel of War), performed more than 100 times around the globe, thrust the company into the global spotlight. Uttar-Priyadarshi (The Final Beatitude), Hey Nungshibi Prithivi (My Earth, My Love), Chinglon Mapan Tampak Ama (Nine Hills One Valley) and When We Dead Awaken were also acclaimed as masterpieces. The group has won the prestigious Fringe Firsts Award, 1987 (Edinburgh), the Indo-Greek Friendship Award, 1984 (Greece), and Diploma of Cervantino International Theatre Festival, 1990 (Mexico). The repertory has performed across the globe in cities including London, Athens, Moscow, Amsterdam, Quito, Havana, Bogotá, Lima, Thimpu, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing and many more.

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Director Says:

“Macbeth is the name of a disease spreading out with the greatest speed in the contemporary world and across so-called advanced civilization. It is a dangerous epidemic.”


Macbeth: Somo

Lady Macbeth: Chingkheinganbi

Banquo: Robindro

Duncan: Rocky

Macduff: Premjit

Malcolm: Tarpan

Donalbain: Lokendro

Lennox/Captain: Sanajaoba

Fleance: Dipak

Soldiers: Jialasana, Lokendro, Rocky

Witches/Maids: Umabati, Sachi, Dolly, Reena

Nurses: Umabati, Sachi, Reena, Dolly, Sonika, Indu, Ahanjao

Attendants of Lady Macbeth: Dolly, Reena


Stage Manager: Jilasana Meetei

Asst. Stage Manager: Tarpan

Set & Props: Kunjeshor, Ahanjao

Costumes: Somo, Kunjeshor, Sachi

Lighting Assistants: Angoutombi, Thawai Thiyam

Music Assistants: Tomba, Basanta, Deepak

Production Manager: Ibomcha Sorok

Script: William Shakespeare

Publicity and Administration: Dolendro

Assistant Director: Thawai Thiyam

Performance text, design & direction: Ratan Thiyam

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