Paratva of Rama

There is no better way of imbibing the way of upright living than by the example set by Rama who upholds dharma meticulously and at all costs, whether as heir apparent to the kingdom of Ayodhya or as a hermit in exile in the forest, said Nannilam Sri V. Rajagopala Ganapadigal in a discourse.

Rama considers life in Dandakaranya a double blessing as it is not only in accordance to His father’s wish, but also gives Him the chance to serve the pious sages. The sages too recognise His Paratva and count themselves fortunate to behold Him in close proximity.

That is why Sage Sarabhanga, a sage of great repute, knowing the secret of Rama’s avatar, waits in his hermitage to receive Rama as his guest. Rama is advised by the rakshasa Viradha to visit the hermitage of sage Sarabhanga. Viradha is actually under Indra’s curse and is released from it by Rama. As Rama, Lakshmana and Sita reach the precincts of Sarabhanga’s ashram, they witness a rare sight — celestial visitors in a divine chariot getting ready to leave. Rama approaches the sage with humility. The sage is overwhelmed and informs Rama that since it was time for him to leave the body, Indra with his entourage had come to fetch him to Brahma loka — a right which was earned by him by austere penance. But the sage desirous to have His darshan tarried a little while. Now that he saw Rama in person, Sarabhanga kindles a fire and enters it. The gross body is cast and a youthful ethereal form rises towards the heavens. Rama once again promises the other sages in the vicinity that He would serve them and protect them from the demons. Rama asks them to shed their fears.

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