Bhakti and law of karma

Bhakti is a mutual bond between the Lord and His devotees. Krishna says that He enters into a personal relationship with His bhakta who worships Him and prays to Him. To azhwars and realised souls, His supremacy is manifest in His Saulabhya, especially in His promise to give relief to the suffering jivatma and also lead him to salvation, pointed out Srimati Jaya Srinivasan in a lecture.

But it is also true that the law of karma takes its course in the life of every individual and this includes even the most devout who may have to face suffering and personal tragedies. It is said that once a Krishna devotee was moved to tears on seeing the helplessness and suffering of another staunch devotee who was afflicted with leprosy. He even wondered if there exists a compassionate God at all because such a plight should not have befallen a devotee, especially because His powers have no external limit. This doubt in his mind was cleared when he saw a vision of Krishna tending the wounds of the leper with loving care and tenderness. A celestial voice also clarified that every jivatma cannot bypass prarabdha karma and will have to face the consequences. It is a cosmic necessity which pursues its course driven by the acts and consequences of the individuals. But the Lord would always be by the devotee’s side and would lend unimaginable succour and strength to make the sorrow bearable. God controls the souls who work out their destinies along lines determined by their own natures. Devotees have been overwhelmed by His compassion and have experienced this truth as an inner realisation. They learn to accept things as they come and do not lament when overtaken by misfortune; nor do they rejoice during moments of worldly happiness.

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