Rama is Supreme

It is a classic battle between Lakshmana and Indrajit when two powerful warriors fight with unrelenting spirit. Indrajit from his chariot and Lakshmana standing on Hanuman’s shoulders confront each other with the aim of defeating the opponent. When Indrajit’s chariot is destroyed the two warriors stand on the ground and continue the battle. Indrajit uses his power of magic to enhance his invincibility and quell the enemy. Finally Lakshmana invokes the Indra astra with a pledge that puts the onus on Rama’s impeccable conduct, His matchless valour and His commitment to Truth at all times and prays that if all this is true let the astra be effective against Indrajit.

That Rama’s prowess exceeds that of Brahma, Siva and other celestial beings is recognised not only by sages and others such as Hanuman but also by demons such as Vibhishana, Akampana, Tara or Mandodari, pointed out Sri B. Sundarkumar in a discourse.

Ravana is astonished that the well-guarded Janasthana had fallen to Rama’s valour. Ravana wishes to know if Brahma or Rudra or Indra had assisted Rama. How else would a human being vanquish the greats such as Khara and Dusahana, Ravana wonders aloud. Akampana, who escaped from Rama’s arrows, tells Ravana that Rama had waged the battle single-handedly. Akampana has understood that Rama is none other than the Supreme Lord in human form and tries to convey this truth to Ravana. He asserts that not all the valour and penance of Ravana, with all the boons included, can be effective against Rama.

Hanuman also reveals the truth that none can kill Him in his categorical assertion to Ravana when he manages to gain audience with the rakshasa king in Lanka. Rama is far superior to Brahma, Rudra or Indra, says Hanuman.

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