Radha’s love

Gopikas were drawn to Krishna but even among them a few are remembered with devotion even today. Radha, for instance, is worshipped even today in Brindavan, elaborated Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse. Another Gopika loved listening to Krishna’s flute playing and would drop whatever she was doing, and run out to listen to Him. She had many responsibilities. How could she set aside everything aside and go to see Krishna, one might wonder. Her desire was to be with the Supreme One always, and because of that desire of hers, the ties called sins (papas) and merits (punyas) were got rid of and she attained moksha for, both sins and merits are chains that keep us tied to samsara.

Once Krishna was seated with His consort Rukmini. Krishna covered Himself with a blanket as if He was feeling feverish. Worried, Rukmini asked Him what the matter was. Krishna said when He would be in Brindavan Radha used to give Him a cup of milk before He went to bed. Lack of that milk was the reason for His not feeling well. Rukmini said She would fetch some milk for Krishna. She went to Radha’s house. When she heard that Krishna felt unwell because He had not had his usual glass of milk at bedtime, Radha immediately drank some milk! Rukmini could not understand the reason for Radha’s action. Why should Radha drink milk when it was Krishna who needed it?

Rukmini went back to Krishna and found that He was using the blanket to cover His feet. She moved the blanket aside and found boils on His feet. She was taken aback when She saw the boils for, they had not been there when she had left to meet Radha. What had happened in the interim? Krishna clarified that Radha had drunk very hot milk. He resided in Radha’s heart and the hot milk had scalded His feet, and hence the boils on His feet! This incident is proof of Radha’s unique place among the Gopikas. She drank milk to make the Lord feel better. What further acknowledgement of Radha’s bhakti is needed than this endorsement from the Lord who Himself confirmed that He resided in her heart?

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