Purpose of meditation

Meditation is an exercise for the mind, making it remain focused on a single object. The mind is a subtle and powerful human faculty that drives individual effort and achievement.

In spiritual parlance, meditation implies the mind’s total absorption on the inner Self, and Lord Krishna outlines the steps to be observed for its successful practice, pointed out Swamini Satyavratananda in a lecture.

The Lord is fully sensitive to the shortcomings of the disciple in this regard when He teaches the nuances of this art.

He describes the way in which one should practise this exercise — starting from the physical posture involving the control over the sense organs to the mental equipoise to be attained.

The body/mind complex has to overcome the natural attraction towards external objects in the world.

Sitting in a comfortable posture that restricts the activities of the organs — eyes, ears, nose, and hands — the process of keeping the mind still is to be attempted. Unlike the physical control that can be achieved, the mastery over the mind is gained through yoga that throws light on the jivatma’s undying spiritual component, the Self.

The Lord warns that the main hurdle is the mind’s penchant for likes and dislikes and one has to handle this very carefully.

The ahankara or sense of ego remains with the Self as long as it is involved in daily activities. The challenge is this: how is one to remain distant from the worldly affairs of which he/she is a part of?

Whatever impressions the mind carries cannot be erased. But one can learn to be indifferent to the past and accept the present interactions in a detached manner. The Lord suggests a way out — dedicating one’s actions and their fruits thereof to Him.

In addition, the differences arising from name and form should be discerned.

The waves appear different from the ocean but are not so in reality. Even so the Self is the same though appearing different in various entities.

This truth has to be assimilated in meditation in such a way that it merges with the way of life of the spiritual aspirant.

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