Man’s greatest enemy

The pleasures that sense objects offer are always strong and in the manner of a demon will push the Jivatma into the depths of worldly cycle. We have to be wary of them. That is why Prahlada asks God to give him a detached mind towards the pleasures of this world, when the Lord is pleased with the devotion of the child, pointed out Sri P. M. Vijayaraghava Sastrigal in a lecture. The child wishes to remain devoted to God at all times.

The greatest enemy for man is desire as it sparks in its wake attendant ills. For instance, when desire is thwarted, it gives rise to anger and this upsets the balance in one’s nature. It tempts us to want for more and more to the extent of forgetting Him.

It is very rare that one seeks God for His sake. God has given every Jivatma the opportunity to think of Him always. He has taught us how to seek Him and attain Him. He is available and ready to attend to our prayers when we seek Him intently.

This great fortune is not utilised by many and even when we can gain God it is always a mystery and pity that many of us choose other material gains through our prayers. Such worship makes the relationship one of trade or barter. He alone is capable of granting salvation. He is the giver and distributor of the fruits of our actions. He moulds our attitude and thinking to a mature level when we are able to discriminate between the eternal and the ephemeral. We have to remain grateful to Him for what He has given us. That speaks for His boundless compassion.

Knowledge of our original nature (Atma) is hidden in the maze of worldly attractions, even as fire is enveloped by smoke or a mirror is covered by dust. But it can be retrieved through God’s help since He is seated in the hearts of all beings (as antaratma)and is the embodiment of compassion. We do not have to go in search of Him. Our ignorance hides this truth from us. We have to feel His grace and sing His praises at all times.

Such is the efficacy of His name that it will take us in the right path automatically, whether we are aware or not. We will begin to relish and savour the richness of taste that His name embodies.

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