Love for God

The only way to win God’s love is to have unconditional love for Him, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse. We have innumerable examples to show that God is not swayed by age, or wealth, or good looks or status. If old age were a criterion, then would Lord Vishnu have blessed Dhruva, the young boy who took to penance? Would He have come as Narasimha to save Prahlada, the boy devotee who was harassed by his own father? He comes to help the young and the old. He killed Kamsa and restored the kingdom to Ugrasena, who was an old man.

Could it be that good looks attract Him, and is His favour therefore guaranteed to the good looking? The story of Kubja shows us otherwise. Kubja was hunchbacked and not attractive to look at. But she gladly offered sandal paste to Krishna, when the latter entered Mathura. Pleased by her offering, Krishna straightened her back and even made her beautiful and young. He is not in the least impressed by wealth. Had He been, would He have shown such love towards poor Kuchela, who had nothing to offer Him, but a few rice flakes? Lord Krishna saw beyond the rice flakes, and was moved by Kuchela’s love for Him. Likewise, in the case of Sabari, her offerings to Lord Rama were not such as He was used to in His royal household. But He gladly accepted the fruits she offered.

One does not even have to be a human being to be the recipient of His grace. He came rushing to the rescue of the elephant Gajendra, caught by the crocodile. We have episodes in the Ramayana which show the concern He had for Sugriva the monkey. All of these show that He never cares for anything but the love that His devotees have for Him.

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