Krishna to the rescue

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The Kauravas are consumed by jealousy of the Pandavas, and lose no opportunity to cause them trouble.

With a view to harming the Pandavas, Duryodhana sends sage Durvasa to them, telling him that they will have no trouble providing food to him and any number of people accompanying him.


The Pandavas have in their possession a vessel called Akshayapatra, which supplies infinite amount of rice, to feed sages who turn up on their doorstep.

But the vessel will churn out food only until it has been cleaned for the day. Once that is done, it will not yield anything, until the next day.

Durvasa goes to the Pandavas with a large number of his disciples. He says he is hungry and asks for food for all of them.

The sage says he is going to bathe in a river and on his return, he and his followers will take food.

Meanwhile, Draupadi has cleaned up the Akshayapatra and the Pandavas are in a fix. If food is not served, Durvasa, known for his quick temper, will curse them.

Duryodhana's mischief

To save them from the situation, caused by Duryodhana's mischief, Draupadi petitions Lord Krishna for help, said C.V. Seshadri in a lecture.

The Lord asks her to serve Him some food. Draupadi is puzzled by the request. How can she serve Krishna when there is no food left?

Krishna, however, asks Draupadi to see whether there is at least a grain of rice in the Akshayapatra. She looks out and finds a grain in the vessel. The Lord takes it from her and eats it.

No sooner has the Lord eaten the grain, Durvasa senses a certain fullness in his stomach. He feels he cannot eat even a morsel of food. So he does not come to Draupadi for the promised food, for he and his men feel sated.

Thus, as always, Lord Krishna comes to the rescue of Draupadi.

The Lord always comes to the help of those who are devoted to Him.

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