Intense love for the Lord


Is it possible to wish the Supreme One well? More importantly, why would anyone want to do this, when He is beyond harm, and governs the entire Universe?

Pillai Lokacharya explains that intense love for the Lord results in concern for Him, and also results in a fear that harm may befall Him! This leads one to pray to ward off evil from Him! There are many instances where people, because of their love for Him, have said or done things which are out of the ordinary, explained Bhooma Venkatakrishnan,

Dasaratha was fully aware of Rama’s valour. Yet, when he knew that Rama was going to face Parasurama, he feared for his son, and fell at Parasurama’s feet begging him not to hurt his son Rama. Dasaratha even fainted with anxiety! When Rama dressed for His coronation, Sita prayed that the guardian deities of the directions should guard Rama! At the time of Rama’s marriage to Sita, Janaka worried that no harm should come to this union of Sita with the handsome Rama. When the demoness Tataka approached the two young princes Rama and Lakshmana, sage Viswamitra blessed them and wished for their safety and victory. Viswamitra had brought the two princes to the forest, despite Dasaratha at first refusing to send them. And yet, when he saw the terrible demoness advancing upon them, he worried about them. When Vibhishana came to Rama, seeking refuge, Sugriva argued against admitting him to Rama’s camp, fearing that Vibhishana was untrustworthy and so could cause harm to Rama. It was not as if Sugriva was unaware of Rama’s greatness and invincibility. But such was the intensity of his love for the Lord, that he responded with anxiety to Vibhishana’s presence.

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