Handsome Rama

When King Janaka saw Rama and Lakshmana, he asked Viswamitra who the two handsome boys were. The Tamil poet Kambar wondered why Janaka, even after seeing Rama, did not give up the challenge he had put in place for those who aspired for marriage to Sita. What was the sense in insisting on the breaking of a bow, even after seeing Rama? Janaka, upon seeing Rama, should have immediately got Sita married to Rama, without insisting on the breaking of the bow.

Rama and Lakshmana had the bearing of warriors, and yet they had the sleekness of royals. And this had Janaka wondering if they were mortals. Their eyes were like lotus petals, and Janaka observed that they looked like the Sun and the Moon. Narada was rendered speechless when he saw Rama's good looks. The citizens of Ayodhya described Him as being superior to the Gandharvas in beauty. Rama had good looks, courage and youth, and to find all three in one person is a rarity. He was as strong as an elephant in rut; and yet He was gentle.

The rishis of Dandakaranaya approached Rama to speak of their problems. They forgot their problems when they saw Him. They were so charmed by His looks. They had no desire to part from Him. Rama told them that they would be born as Gopikas when He took the Krishna avatara. And so it came about that the rishis took birth as Gopikas whose love for Lord Krishna was nonpareil, said Kidambi Narayanan.

Even the Moon, which appeals with its pleasant beauty, has flaws. But Rama had no flaws, and this endeared Him to all those who came into contact with Him. It was Rama's handsome face and flawless perfection that made Soorpanaka seek Him as a husband, with a determination that bordered on madness. Rama had some fun at her expense. He pointed to Lakshmana and said Lakshmana was the one without a wife. Even after Soorpanaka was punished for her actions, and went to her brother to complain of what had happened to her, all she could talk of was Rama. She could not easily get to the point of saying that He and Lakshmana were responsible for her mutilation.

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