Greatness of His feet

It is advised by gnanis that one should seek the feet of Lord Siva for, His feet are the best protection against all ills, said K. Sambandan, in a discourse. His feet are powerful, not just in the physical aspect, but they are the feet that are capable of getting rid of our sorrows.

One day, Ravana, the ten-headed demon, was travelling in his aerial chariot. He found the Kailash mountain blocking his path. He decided that he would move it out of the way so as to allow easy passage of his chariot. So he put his hands under the mountain and tried to move it. Kailash is the mountain which is the abode of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati, and when Ravana tried to lift the mountain, Lord Siva decided that the demon would have to be taught a lesson. So He pressed down with His big toe. Even that small gesture was powerful enough to crush Ravana’s hands beneath the mountain, and the demon was unable to either move the mountain, or even pull out his hands. He writhed in pain. Saint Vageesa, who was passing by, advised him to sing the Sama Veda. The saint said singing the Sama Veda would please Lord Siva so much that the Lord would release His pressure on the mountain and Ravana’s hands would be saved. Taking the sage’s advice, Ravana sang the Sama Veda, and Lord Siva was pleased and made it possible for Ravana to pull out his hands.

It is believed that Sage Vageesa was born as Saint Thirunavukkarasar. In one of his verses, Thirunavukkarasar extols Lord Siva’s feet, recalling the Ravana incident. He points to how fortunate he himself is for, both the feet of Lord Siva are placed on his head!

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