Greatness of Bhooma Devi


The demon Hiranyaksha took away Bhooma Devi, and Brahma prayed to Lord Narayana to rescue her. As Brahma prayed, a tiny boar appeared from his nose.

This varaha grew in size, assuming gigantic proportions. It was Lord Narayana who had appeared as varaha and fought and killed Hiranyaksha. He then rescued Bhooma Devi and perched her on his nose. If he could make the Earth appear so small, his size can be imagined. But Bhooma Devi, when rescued, did not seem happy.

The Lord asked her why she looked sad. She said she had been rescued, but what of all those on Earth who were trapped in the prison of samsara? How were they going to get out? Who was going to rescue them, she wondered. She declared that she would be happy only when those on Earth could be saved. This is where Bhooma Devi scores over Sri Devi, the other Consort of the Lord, Damal Ramakrishnan said in a discourse.

When Sri Devi took the avatara of Sita, she was happy when Rama rescued her. She listened in rapt attention to his description of how he had traced her. She willingly accompanied him on the Pushpaka Vimana, happy to be reunited with him. Contrast this with the attitude of Bhooma Devi. She, too, had been separated from the Lord by a demon. Yet, when she was rescued, her feeling was not one of happiness or even relief. Her concern was for all the inhabitants of this Earth who were her children. So Bhooma Devi went further in her love for her children than Sri Devi did.

Bhooma Devi was worried that though the Lord had taken many avataras, people had still not realised the need for bhakti towards the Lord and the need for liberation. So, she decided to take an avatara herself, and that was the avatara of Andal.

Lord Narayana appeared as Srinivasa of Tirumala in Kaliyuga, when we do not have to perform difficult yagas as in the other yugas. It is enough if we recite his name. Andal has shown us the potency of the name Govinda, by which name Srinivasa is known. In three verses, she showed the importance of the name Govinda.

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