Essence of Brahma Jnana

The Vedas exclaim that having created the vast universe, the Supreme Brahman holds it with perfect precision, pervading each and every aspect of it in its entirety. This truth may be accepted at an intellectual level by many of us, but to experience it as the absolute truth is the essence of Brahma Jnana or enlightenment. When a jivatma is able to see the infinite Brahman as an all-pervading presence in the external world as well as within one’s being, the state of mind is described as Antaryamitvam, said Damal Sri Ramakrishnan in a discourse. This state of mind is possible only to yogis steeped in meditation.

Periazhwar exemplifies this subtle experience of God as an abiding presence within him. In a hymn he claims thus: “I have learnt to keep you well inside myself. So you enter my heart and I am aware of your presence inside. But then You gradually take me into Your heart and thereby the Bhagavat-Bhagavata relationship is strengthened.” He is thus steeped in constant worship and service to God. In another hymn, he says that the Lord has chosen to abandon his presence in the milky ocean and has decided to live inside his heart. He is overwhelmed by the compassion of the Lord who eschews His supremacy and makes Himself accessible in this manner. The Azhwar easily recreates the time, milieu and spirit of Rama or Krishna avatars in his hymns and is able to transmit the greatness of the Lord’s Saulabhyam and Saushilyam.To be able to experience the presence of God in one’s inner being is nothing but enlightenment.

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