Divine qualities

In chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that those who do not break His rules are those with divine virtues. Those who break His rules are those who have demoniacal qualities, elaborated M.K. Srinivasan in a discourse.

The divine qualities are: fearlessness even in the midst of sorrow; purity of mind; discriminatory knowledge; doing yajnas without aspiring for the fruits thereof; study of the Vedas; penance and meditation; non violence; speaking the truth; not getting angry; casting away that which is not good; controlling outward senses; not resorting to backbiting or slander; compassion; desirelessness for inappropriate objects; gentleness; feeling a sense of embarrassment in doing wrong; splendour; patience and forbearance; steadfastness; purity; not harming others; and absence of pride.

As against this, those with demoniacal qualities are those who are ignorant, prone to anger, who place an over emphasis on their lineage and wealth, those who are showy, and who are harsh with others. They deny the existence of the Supreme One. They are selfish, identify themselves with the body, are prone to strong passions, and always indulge in worldly pleasures. Their main goal is to make money. They think that they are the doers of all actions. They have a sense of possession so extreme that they think that everything belongs to them. They boast of their achievements and of how they defeated someone or the other. They think that none is equal to them. They are jealous of other people. The Lord addresses Arjuna as the one who does not have a perverted mind and tells him that if a person follows the Sastras, he will be able to get rid of demoniacal qualities. If one adheres to the rules and cleanses oneself of demoniacal tendencies and acquires divine qualities, then one can attain the Supreme One. One should not do actions for oneself. If one does so, then even good actions become sinful. So actions, when performed, must be performed with the right attitude namely that He makes us do them and the fruits of the actions are not to be sought by us.

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