Delusion of Brahma

The Bhagavata Purana describes the manner in which the Supreme Lord as Krishna assumes a form that is an embodiment of Saushilya. Krishna becomes part of Vraja community in which He has incarnated and the simple Vraja folk are most fortunate to experience His proximity in a unique way that even celestials cannot hope to attain. The oft described sight of Krishna with horn and flute tucked in His waist, with a ball of rice held in His hand, partaking of the simple the meal along with the cowherd boys in the idyllic countryside continues to captivate one and all, pointed out Kalyanapuram Sri R. Aravamudhachariar in a discourse. Once, Brahma wishes to test Krishna’s supremacy. With his supernatural powers, he hides away all the calves and when the boys are worried and inform Krishna about it, Brahma also hides the boys who had just finished their meal. Krishna, by virtue of His Maya assumes the form of the lost calves and cowherd boys as also their slings, horns and flutes. Life in Vraja continues as usual with Krishna permeating and pervading all the missing forms. A year later, Brahma is baffled by the set of cowherds, calves, etc, in Vraja since he knows that the ones he had hidden are safe in his place. Krishna now makes Brahma realise that the new ones are all His form by making Brahma see the crown, conch and discus, etc that distinguish His appearance in each of them. Brahma also sees another Brahma and with his delusion and ego being cleared he breaks into a hymn in praise of the Lord. The omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence of the Lord becomes manifest not only to Brahma but to the entire world and to posterity.

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