A prayer for problems!

Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, praises Lord Krishna. She recalls all the occasions when the Lord has saved her family. Krishna saved her sons from fire and poison. A lacquer palace was built to house the Pandavas, and it was decided to set fire to the palace when they were asleep. But the Pandavas escaped through a tunnel.

How would this have been possible, without Lord Krishna’s grace? That is why Kunti says that He has always saved her family from danger, said Kidambi Narayanan, in a discourse. Krishna saved Draupadi from being shamed in the court of the Kauravas. He saved the unborn child of Uttara. Kunti says she wants more problems, because only problems will make her think of Him!

Problems are like speed-breakers. A car has to move at an appropriate speed. If it is driven at a mad pace, then it will crash. In life too, we must have a mixture of joy and sorrow. If we had only joy, we would never think of the Lord. A problem is the language through which He speaks to us. Look at a stone that comes rolling down from a mountain. It dashes against rocks, is carried by a rushing river, which dashes it against more rocks, and by the time it finally reaches its resting place, the sharp edges of the stone have been softened, and it becomes a smooth, round pebble.

In our youth, we make mistakes, without even realising it. It is only later, in old age, that we worry about all the mistakes of our youth. But of what use is this belated worry? So Kunti prays for troubles, so that she can think of Him all the time.

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