Purifying us

If we have bhakti and love towards God, why is it that we are made to suffer? This is a question that often arises in the mind of a devotee, challenging his belief.

While bhakti will lead us to moksha, there is still the burden of sins we have committed over many births. We have to pay for them.

Moreover, when we are joyful, we do not think of God. At the slightest sign of trouble, we rush to Him for help. But once the problems have been solved, we do not spare a thought for God.

Troubles that come our way are God’s way of testing us, to see if we are worthy of His love.

In course of time, as we face difficulties and learn not to blame God for them, we become genuine in our bhakti. Only a stone that has been struck with a chisel and shaped becomes a beautiful sculpture.

Likewise, problems sculpt our personality and make us serene bhaktas, said M.A. Manickavelu in a discourse.

When the Kurukshetra war is over and Yudishtra has been crowned king, Lord Krishna takes leave of Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. She thanks Krishna for all the times He came to the aid of the Pandavas.

But then what follows is a strange request. Kunti prays for more troubles, so that she may think more of the Lord!

A story is told of a Siva bhakta who witnessed a temple employee being chided for dereliction of duty. The bhakta sheds tears and says that he wished he had been chided too by someone, for that would have made him a more focused devotee of the Lord.

When clothes are washed, they are beaten on a stone to get rid of the dirt.

Likewise, problems are sent into our lives to purify us.

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