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Ahimsa is the essence of dharma; it sustains society and nurtures reverence, giving honour and dignity to all life forms. Compassion and kindness are expressions of this basic value, which, when practised and reciprocated, results in peace and harmony. Violence is a deviation from dharma and the root of all evils. The quintessence of Lord Mahaveer’s teachings is that ahimsa (non-violence), self-restraint and austerity are the basic expressions and constituents of dharma. The principle of ahimsa in Jainism embraces not only human beings but all animals, birds, plants, vegetables and creatures. It is the holy law of compassion extended to the body, mind and speech of every living person.

In Mahaveer’s words, “not to kill any living being is the foundation of all wisdom.” He added: “One has to understand that non-violence and equality of all living beings are essentials of dharma.” He emphasised reverence to all forms of life. He said: “All living beings desire to live, they wish to relish pleasure; loath misery, shun annihilation; enjoy life and like to live long. In short, life is dear to all beings.”

Today, mankind has forgotten these values of ahimsa. The result is that it is suffering from the effects of violence, hatred, disharmony and degradation of all natural resources. According to Mahaveer, we should develop values and not only more and more material and sensual objects. Today there is an urgent need to understand and imbibe the life values of non-violence, restraint of desires, equality and non-absolutism taught by the great Master more than 2,500 years ago.

The manifesto is based on the principles of non-violence (reverence for all forms of life), non-possession, and non-absolutism taught by Lord Mahaveera. There is great need today to imbibe the teachings so that they become a part of our daily life. These will inspire every person to lead a happy, peaceful and humanitarian life, on the occasion of Mahaveer Jayanthi that is observed today.

Dulichand Jain

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