Krishna’s plans

Arjuna wants to marry Lord Krishna’s sister Subhadra, but Balarama has already decided to get her married to his favourite student Duryodhana. Arjuna, in the guise of an ascetic, visits Krishna, who sees through the disguise. When Balarama houses Arjuna in a place near Subhadra’s palace,

Krishna is glad, because this would give the two an opportunity to meet. Arjuna reveals his identity to Subhadra, and Subhadra later tells Rukmini of her love. Arjuna is the ideal match for Subhadra, who hates Duryodhana, the man chosen for her by Balarama. Duryodhana had tired to misbehave with Rukmini before her marriage to Krishna and Rukmini has told Subhadra about this. Krishna comes up with a plan to hoodwink Balarama, said V.S. Karunakarachariar in a discourse.

Krishna says that Subhadra is unwell and that a prayer for many days in a nearby island has become necessary. So Balarama, with his army, goes off to the island. Krishna leaves the island one night without Balarama’s knowledge and Subhadra’s wedding with Arjuna is solemnised in His presence. The Lord then leaves instructions with Subhadra to drive His (Krishna’s) chariot with Arjuna in it and make haste to her husband’s country. The chief security guard of Dwaraka is also told not to stage a serious fight with Arjuna as he leaves Dwaraka, but to put up only a token resistance. Everyone plays their parts as guided by Krishna, who later pacifies Balarama too. Thus Krishna ensures Subhadra’s marriage to Arjuna, cementing the Pandava-Yadava ties. The marriage is blessed when a brave son Abhimanyu is born to Subhadra. And it was Abhimanyu’s descendants who ruled later. Krishna’s plans thus worked perfectly and ensured the continuance of the Pandava lineage.

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