Knowledge of immortal atma

The greatest teaching of the Upanishads lies in the way one is led to introspect and interpret one’s life in this world against the backdrop of the infinite variety of creation. To arrive at the correct knowledge of the immortal atma as the only truth, while all other aspects of creation are only relatively true, is the result of great effort.

Krishna reiterates that spiritual sadana is the constant endeavour to differentiate between the outer form and the inner truth, pointed out Swami Gautamananda in a discourse.

The bubbles, waves, foam, etc, that appear and disappear millions of times in the ocean are not different from it though they take different forms. All these are formed from the ocean and are a result of the power of the ocean. All the while the ocean is the same and unaffected.

In like manner the entire creation is a manifestation of the Maya Shakti of the Supreme Brahman who always remains unattached, is all pervading and subtle. This Maya Shakti is not different from Brahman. The analogy of space is also quoted in this context to highlight its absolute purity.

Space, also known as Chid-akasa, is responsible for the existence of the countless beings in creation. It is unique and it cannot be tainted by any thing or any force and the evolutions in creation and beings cannot cause any dent in its subtle presence and wholesomeness. So too is the divine value of the atma that is present in every being.

A realised soul will not deny the atma, since in his perception the truth of the atma within and of God is a source of infinite power.

But those who believe in the body and its complex functions tend to identify with the body and live in denial of the atma.

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