Brahma Stuti

It often happens that we overestimate our strengths. Something drastic has to happen before we realise our limitations and Brahma was no exception to this. Not aware that beside Lord Narayana’s powers his own powers were insignificant, Brahma steals the cows that Krishna and His friends are looking after in Gokula.

But the Lord takes the form of every cow, every piece of rope used to tie the cows and every stick used to herd them, so that things continue in Gokula as before.

The cows Brahma has taken away to Brahma Loka are there in Brahma Loka, but they are also there in Gokula! In fact, Brahma finds that there is another Brahma too in Brahma Loka.

A humbled Brahma then sings the praises of Lord Krishna. This is known as Brahma Stuti and is a part of Srimad Bhagavatam, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse.

Brahma says: “You have come from Paramapada. You are so lovely. I offer my salutations to You.” Brahma talks of Lord Krishna’s attractions. This attractive One has come to live in the midst of cowherds! Krishna eats simple food. A fistful of curd rice is enough for Him.

The One who holds the conch and discus, holds a stick to direct the cattle. The flute and this stick mark Him out as Krishna.

Every person has some identity. Dharma is what identifies Rama. His bhaktas are identified by the service they offer Him. Bhakti identifies Prahlada. Karma identifies Janaka. In the case of Bharata, his subservience to Rama identifies him. But the Supreme One in His Krishna avatara is identified by a cowherd’s stick and a bamboo flute! What simplicity it denotes! That is what Brahma Stuti seeks to convey.

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