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‘Saptaswararchana’ a devotional audio CD produced by Swati Solutions ‘Sanskriti Series’ Chennai, under the aegis of Trividya Peetam, a foundation for art and culture, is one of its kind despite the fact that there are myriad devotional CDs on the shelf of any music shop for a buyer.

The CD has more than one USP! It comprises seven stotras in praise of various deities from Adi Sankaracharya’s collection of hymns. The number ‘7’ corresponds to more than one concept: the sapta swara (seven notes) of classical music; the seven chakras (esoteric in nature) that are envisaged in the human system corresponding to seven deities presiding over these chakras; the rendition is in seven raga-each allocated to one stotra. The entire set of stotra are rendered in Carnatic music baani (school) by a non-Hindu vocalist, M J Daniel in chaste Sanskrit, accompanied by violin (R. Dinakar) and clarinet (Acchibabu) both of whom are senior ‘A’ grade artistes of All India Radio, Hyderabad.

One feels the concept speaking to us as the CD opens with Guru Vandana rendered in the traditional Naata raga with a mild alapana of the same. Then begin the invocation to the deities presumed as residing in each of the seven chakras beginning from the root. Thus we have Ganesha Pancharatna rendered to Hamsadhwani raga, presiding deity of the Mooladhara chakra; Lalitha Pancharatna in the morning raga Bowli corresponding to the Swadishtana chakra, Annapurna Ashtakam in raga Shanmukhapriya for the Manipura (Annamaya kosha) chakra, Kanakadhara Stotram in praise of goddess of wealth residing in the Anahaatha region (heart) in raga Saama, followed by Sharada Bhujangam for the Vishuddi chakra (throat region) in Sankarabharanam, which slithers out like the snake (bhujangam) in a raga which also means the same!

The Tripura Sundari stotram in Kuntalavarali corresponds to the Agna chakra (between the eyebrows) and finally it culminates in Shiva Panchakshari in Revathi raga for the Sahasrara which is the crown of the head and supposed to be the place of eternal bliss. The melodic voice of the vocalist tempered by a light rendition of the raga as a preface to each of the seven stotra makes for a wonderful morning tune in. The CD priced at Rs. 150 is available with Swathi’s Sanskriti Series, Swathi Centre, 5-Ananda Road, Alwarpet, Chennai-600018. Email: Tel: 044-42316060/24984050

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