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Whoelsome recital: Sandeep Narayana. Photo: M. Srinath  

The three-day 49th annual Tyagabrahma aradhana mahotsavam organised in Srirangam, Tiruchi, recently proved to be a fitting homage to the saint. The Goratha moolai in Srirangam, the venue of the concert, reverberated with religious fervour on all three days, providing an opportunity to the up-and-coming artists to exhibit their talents. The events also included recitals by eminent vidwans.

G. Ravikiran, on the inaugural day, presented a vocal concert mesmerising the audience. His handling of ‘Bhavanuta' in raga, Mohanam, ‘Enati nomu phalamu' in Bhairavi and ‘Tava dasoham' in Punnagavarali proved his perfection in melody and purity in swaram.

S. Kasturirangan presented the kirtanas, ‘Meru samana' (Mayamalavagowla), ‘Dasharathi' (Todi) and ‘Durmargachara' (Ranjani). B. Sivakumar, the graded artist of All India Radio, Tiruchi, presented a wholesome recital. ‘Karunimpa' in Sahana, ‘Sadhinchene' in Arabhi and ‘Hecharika' in Yadhukula Khambodi were some of the kritis through which he paid his tribute to saint Tyagaraja.

Bharathsundar impressed the listeners with his ‘Padavini' in Salagabhairavi ragam. His line-up also had ‘Needaya Radha' in Vasantabhairavi, ‘Sarasa sama dana' in Kapi Narayani and ‘Pakkala nilabadi' in Kharaharapriya.

Pattabiram Pandit's vocal recital was laced with several kritis of Saint Tyagaraja. Most impressive among them were ‘Eti janma' in Varali, ‘Paramatmudu' in Vagadheeshwari and ‘Jagadodharana' in Kapi.

Sandeep Narayan's recital was audience-oriented right from the start. ‘Raghunayaka' in Hamsadhwani, ‘Intasowkhya' in Kapi and ‘Srirama Jayarama' in Yadhukulakambodi attracted listeners the most.

Sangeetha Sivakumar and her troupe preferred some rare kritis. They included ‘Evaribodhana' in Abhogi, ‘Smaranae sukhamu' in Janaranjani and ‘Muralidhara' in Mand.

T.M. Krishna's line-up consisted of ‘Nannu paalimpa' in Mohanam, ‘Ramabana' in Saveri, ‘Pakkala nilabadi' in Kharaharapriya and ‘Govardhana giridhari' in Darbari Kanada.

It was flute maestro N. Ramani who handled the beautiful ragams of Tyagaraja, most of which are not often heard. ‘Teliyaleru Rama' in Dhenuka, ‘Neeke teliyaka' in Ananda Bhairavi, ‘Gnana mosagarada' in Purvikalyani and ‘Rama katha sudha' in Madhyamavati were some important kirtanas in his concert.

Sanjay Subramanian also rendered rare kritis. ‘Sattaleni dinamu' in Naganandini, ‘Upacharamu' in Bhairavi, and ‘Korisevimpa rare' in Kharaharapriya were some of his impressive selections.

Koviladi R. Madhwaprasad sang in his usual style, perfect in every aspect. ‘Tulasidala' in Mayamalavagowla, ‘Rama Neeve' in Narayani and ‘Koluva marakata' in Todi attracted one and all.

C. Gurucharan's vocal was marked by a few rare songs. ‘Marubalka' in Sriranjani, for instance, made the audience raise their eye-brows in surprise. 'Evarura' in Mohanam was the other significant song performed by him.

The aradhana was complete when, falling in line with other organisations, the Pancharatna goshti gaanam, Ashtapatis and unchavritti were performed.

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