Soaked in melody

T.M. Krishna’s memorable vocal concert, featured under the aegis of Naradabrahmagana Sabha in Vanaprastha, Coimbatore, began with a breezy start of ‘Evaribodha’ (Abhogi) followed by a short alapana of Kalyani for the kriti, ‘Nidhi Chaala Sukhama’ with a crisp niraval. ‘Sadhachaleswaram’(Bhoopalam) was a solemn interpretation soaked in melody. The raga vinyasam of Sankarabharanam - the crest-jewel of Sankara - was fluent in sancharas with cadences marked by a rich tapestry of rakti passages and a few poignant mandara sthayi motifs. When he unearthed the nuggets, the notes shone with exceptional radiance revealing the glowing treasures embedded in the raga.

‘Aarumo Aaval’(Maand) and ‘Paarukkulle Nalla Nadu’ were the other items on his agenda. Sreeramkumar (violin), his alter ego, faithfully followed him like a shadow. He was in his elements contributing his best in the raga portrayals and swara bouts. Melakkaveri Balaji (mridangam) and Guruprasad (ghatam) enhanced the dignity of the recital with their percussive skill in the laya wing with an enjoyable and vibrant thani.

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