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Swedish DJ Alessandro Lindblad  

Weekends in Bangalore can never be dull given the number of international DJs who frequent the city and stir up some fun on the dance floor with their music. Last weekend, it was Alessandro Lindblad better known as DJ Alesso, who was here to play at the Submerge party presented by MTV at the Chancery Pavilion.

Between flights and gigs, he manages to get some time off to talk with MetroPlus. “This is my first time in India so I’m really excited. What electrifies me more is that I’ve heard Indians have a lot of energy and enjoy dance and house music. Also, they seem to be aware of the latest songs and remixes, so it’s going to be a treat playing here.”

Ask him what he has in store for the city’s party folk and he says: “I’m here not just to play the music people are familiar with. There’s a lot of my own music, new remixes and some other great stuff from off new records.” All of 21, the Swedish DJ is already going places. As an electronic dance music producer specialising in progressive house, DJ Alesso has earned rave reviews from the likes of Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, Sander van Doorn, Kaskade and other well established DJs.

Does it intimidate him to be doing so much, so well, so young? “It doesn’t intimidate me now because I’ve been doing this for two years already. What really helped take the edge off were the innumerable opportunities that came my way to tour around the globe with my music. Age is really just a number especially when you know what your job entails. Irrespective of how old or young you are you know what is required of you if you want to get to the top.”

Headlining of his own shows like Governor’s Island keeps the DJ extremely busy. “Governor’s Island happened on my 21st birthday and it was my first solo show for over 5,000 people. I’m still not over the fun and madness of that night and I’m hoping to keep doing shows like this,” he says.

Although popular among dance music fans, DJ Alesso is a fan of rock music, as was evidenced in his popular remix of Keane’s ‘Silenced by the Night’, which ended up topping the Beatport charts. He is known to break new ground and surprise people with unusual remixes of popular singles far removed from the dance genre.

“I listen to all genres of music. I’ve grown up doing that and I’m rather inclined to rock. Coldplay have got to be one of my biggest inspirations. If there was a collaboration I could do with a rock band, it would have to be with Coldplay. It would be an honour for me to play alongside them. That said I am really excited about my recent collaboration with American alternative rock band, One Republic.”

Looking ahead, Alesso says: “2013 is going to be a busy year. I have a lot of big gigs coming up. Also, I’m going to be touring Europe, U.S.A. and Brazil in the near future. I hope to play in your city again soon.”

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