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Vankayala Sruthi Sarani  

Those that learn their ropes well stand poised to make a mark and vocalist of promise; Vankayala Sruthi Sarani is one such artiste. Born and brought up in a rich musical background, music runs in her blood. Her performance vouched for it in a good measure on the precincts of Ramadoota Mandiram at Madhuranagar Visakhapatnam recently.

Being daughter of renowned mridangam artistes Vankayala Venkata Ramanamurthy, she seemed mindful of her background and took care not to let down it. She began it with Chalamela a varnam in raga Natakuranji as warm up and then proceeded to take up Srimahaganapathi ravathumam of Muttuswamy Dikshitar in raga Goula. The striking aspect of her rendition is good voice modulation and swara sancharam. She made a sincere effort in whatever she has essayed without letting down the expectations. In adherence to her Guru MSN Murthy’s soft style she sang in a pleasant manner. In nutshell, it was a soothing presentation all through. She has good grounding in intricacies of Carnatic idiom and its concert template; thorough practice would surely make her mark as an artiste of substance.

After an appealing rendition of Vidajaaladura of Thyagaraja in raga Janaranjani, she went to a raga essay for Kaanda and did it with passion; The krithi for this was Mamavasadaa Janani of Swathi Tirunal, she went for raga Kalyani for Bhajanaseyave again of Thayagraja. She sang with fine aalapana and swarakalpana. She has a good voice and sense for Sahitya bhava and sang it with clarity. She chose raga Kharaharapriya for delineation as the mainstay with the krithi for Pakkalanilabadi. Her raga essay needs mention for the impressive way she decorated its phrases with nuances here and there and fluent neraval further accentuated its appeal. Prior to it, she sang Tatwamerugarada in raga Garudadwani.

Post tani round, her choice include Antharamamayam of Bhardachala Ramadas in raga Jonpuri, Gopala Gokula, a Tulasidas bhajan in raga Vallabhi, Amayo mahanubhava of Adibhatla Narayanadas in Bhageswari and Marubari a javali of Dhramapuri Subbaiyer in raga Khamas.

H. Ramcharan on violin, V.V Ramanamurthy on mridangam and G. Venkatesh on morsing lent good support.

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