A percussion passion

Esther Anisha Benjamin  

Joe Jacob

Plays for Slain, Swarathma as touring drummer), Manoj George-4Strings and Suraj Mani & TTT

Favourite drummer: Vinnie Colaiuta

Most inspirational drum solo: Dave Dicenso’s solo at the Modern Drummer Festival 2006

Importance of a drummer in a band: The band waits for the drummer to count in, to start the song--that’s how important the drummer is. In the context of a band, the drummer is more of a time keeper, holding the groove. Also his approach can pretty much dictate the style/genre of the music of a band.


Esther Anisha Benjamin

( This architect plays with Reverse)

Favourite drummer: Tony Royster Jr.

Most inspirational drum solo: The one by Tony Royster Jr when he was just 12 years old. I listened to it when I was in Baldwin Girls High School and I got inspired to play a solo. When I was training for it, I was so excited that I had to practice on my band master’s drum pads and not a real drum!

Importance of a drummer in a band: The drummer is kind of like the heart beat of the band. I am a rhythm person. My style of playing the keyboard in my current band is like how I play the drums — less melody, more rhythm!


Sujith John Abraham

( He has played with Whitenoiz and Destiny. Currently, he is a drummer at All People’s Church, Bangalore)

Favourite drummer: Mike Portnoy (former drummer of Dream Theater)

Most inspirational drum solo: Mike Mangini's solo from his 1999 tour with Steve Vai. It was a performance that integrated brilliant technique, true showmanship, and four-and-a-half minutes of complete entertainment.

The importance of a drummer in a band: A drummer is like a foundation to a house. A strong foundation holds the house together and so does a drummer to a band.


Wesley Newton

( Private drum tutor, he also plays for Colours in the Sky, Blues on My Mind, Thanga Nohro and Ray William)

Favourite drummer: Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters is my favourite rock drummer as of now. Also, at the moment, I've been tripping on this jazz drummer called Martin Valihora. He is insane! My all time favourite drummer though would have to be the legendary Vinnie Colaiuta.

Most inspirational drum solo: Tony Royster Jr.'s drum solo as a kid.

The importance of a drummer in a band: A drummer was always meant to lay the underlying carpet for a band in terms of solid time keeping, feel and groove. That is his/her primary and most important role in a band.

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