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Burrakatha by Gorrelu Ramu and troupe. Photo: Special Arrangement  

An energetic presentation of Burrakatha Veerabhimanyu by Ramachandrapuram based Gorrela Ramu's troupe was a big draw at Andhra Kesari Kalakhetram in Steel Plant Township, Visakhapatnam. That folk art performance kept the audience glued for about two and half hours testifying how a quality folk art performance, still continues to sway even urban audience. Exploiting the rich traits of this art form to the hilt the team excelled in its exuberant presentation of the chosen narrative. The chief narrator has to coalesce in himself as a dancer, singer, actor and story teller in one go .

Fulfilling it in good measure, Gorrella Krishna Murthy delivered an admirable performance. His emotive elucidation of various rasas like veeram, sringaram and karunam heightened its appeal. While Gorrela Ramu, a disciple of renowned Shiek Nazar of yesteryear, was commendable as Rajakeeyam, Gorrela Srinivasarao's inimitable witticism kept the audience in side-splitting laughter all through.

The narration comprised five parts like Kuru vamsam (Origin of Kuru dynasty) Pandavula Paripalana, (Reign of Pandavas) Abhimanyuni Jananam,(Birth of Abhimnyu) Yuddha Vidyalyu Nerchuta, (Abhimnyu learning the ways of fighting wars) Padmvyuham Pravesam (Entering Padmavyuham) and his heroic fall.

Spiced with verses, lyrics and lucid prose, the narrative was taut in its treatment. Sruthi, a cultural forum of the employees of the steel plant, featured it in a bid to lend a helping hand to fading folk arts in its Ugadi celebrations.

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