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One of Niladri Paul's work  

It's difficult to not like Niladri Paul's art. I passed his brochure around and everyone I showed it to had a similar reaction. Which was ‘Aaaah very nice'.

His work is the Mila Kunis of art that is pretty sexy.

Think big eyes, pottus and pouting lips — tarred with a Warholian brush. Treading a line that lies somewhere between the figurative and the abstract, the fair denizens of his canvases melt into thick strokes of colour and drips of paint. They are framed by vibrant abstractions, and thick Brahmi script — which creates a slightly Japanese billboard feel. And whilst his work can't quite be called pop art or kitsch, it certainly borrows certain elements that are characteristic of works given those labels.

Spontaneous art

In terms of the creative process that drives his paintings, Niladri says, “I respond to a cosmic vibration. A spiritual, but inner consciousness. My work is spontaneous. I have no conception of what it will look like before I begin. Art should convey positive energy and that's the aim of my work. I'm inspired by motion, sentiment, colour, infinity. They all come together on the canvas, in a sort of visual poetry.”

The exhibition at the Vinnyasa Premier Art Galery is the third in a trilogy of paintings by Niladri titled ‘Sutradhaar'. “‘Sutradhaar' is the person who leads the theatre,” explains Niladri. He explores the aesthetics of the performance arts in his workwith minimal strokes of the brush; his lines suggestive rather than figurative. The hybrid of styles that coalesce on his canvas result in bright and attractive works.

‘Sutradhaar' by Niladri Paul will be on view at Vinnyasa Premier Art Galery till March 9.

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