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Art photo, a work by artist Monica von Rosen   | Photo Credit: mail kochi

Water and sand as subjects have been the media of comment of artists down the ages. Each take, shot, canvas, frame poses a new angle to these natural and time immemorial elements. Each interpretation is fresh and varied but the element remains the same. Artists Monica von Rosen and Irmgard Lange Redinger take a look at them, but the look is different because their work is one that has had them in the hold of these elements for several years. Swedish artist Monica has been fascinated by water for the past 30 years and hence her outlook is one which has altered and matured over the years, from whence she saw the waters of Lake Boden, in her hometown in Sweden, as peaceful, pristine and perfect for a picnic. The works by the two artists are on exhibit at the scenic Island Museum, Eramalloor which is surrounded by water and sand - a perfect setting for the show.

Working on the water theme Monica, addresses all issues related to water. From it being the elixir of life, to its pristine beauty in lakes, rivers, ponds and falls, water is also a much abused commodity in today's world. She reflects upon the two issues in her pictures. Having been to India many times before, this is her first show here. She has seen the beautiful water bodies in Kerala and witnessed simultaneously the crowding of the natural waters with plastic and trash. She has caught the beauty and the bleakness through her lens. “Water is a mirror for me” she says about how the subject has acted as a barometer for the changing times. It reflects the goings-on in the world, she adds.

Lake Boden

And her water world began with Lake Boden in her hometown, which had caught her fancy as a young growing girl. Over the years it became her storyteller, the scene where things began to happen and change. Boden became a leitmotif for crystal-clear, clean sparkling peaceful waters that began to change. In her travels across the world she has captured water in its many forms. Presently settled in Lucerne, Switzerland, the surrounding snow, ice, glaciers - solid forms of water, have become the subject of her work.

Twenty of her art photos are on show.

Sand is the subject of Irmgard's work. She has used the material in varied forms, collected from her sojourns across the world. Surprisingly the two subjects that the artists deal with are burning topics of concern in present day Kerala. That makes the show so much more topical and interesting. As for Irmgard's pictures Monica says that sand mining is a big issue here as it is all over the world. Both water and sand are two precious items that are being misused by mankind. They are also the two elements on which civilisations rest and the artists beseech mankind, through their works, that such precious elements should be given their due. The frames are delicate art works, diligently conceptualised and evocatively capture the emotions of the artists.

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